When You’ve Outgrown PayPal

When you started your own business with next to nothing, clawing your way up from Etsy and eBay, you take justifiable pride in any small indicator of progress. When that first payment came through on PayPal, you were over the moon. As your online business grows, PayPal and eBay may not be so great for growing with it. Complaints against PayPal range from high transaction fees to an eBay buyer protection process that allows even blatant scammers to rip off honest merchants. As e-commerce moves away from the “starter” sites, and PayPal’s account limits start to cramp your style, an independent website on one of the shopping platforms looks like a terrific idea. But how do you take online payments without PayPal?

Room to Grow

Getting onboard a new solution for online payment methods isn’t easy. Payment processors are thick on the ground, but some would have you think that they are doing you a favor by letting you sign on. Some are even counting on the inexperience of new customers as a profitable business. Some of those companies are even “legitimate” banks that have been accused of setting up accounts to fail to rack up early termination fees and overbilling for services. Finding a straight-talking and transparent company to handle online payment methods takes some homework and knowing what to look for in a processor.

Find the Right Everything

Finding a payment processor shouldn’t be the only item on your to-do list. Online payments and payment processing are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to services that businesses need. Look for a solution that puts more than one need under one roof. Look for a company that takes pride in their business practices and has transparency in how it operates. Look for a strong mission statement and their values before you trust a payment processor with your business. Choose a company that empowers you to succeed.

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