Medical Tests Before Getting Medical Insurance Los Angeles

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Insurance

An advertisement from different insurance companies, whether in Los Angeles or anywhere in the US, usually says, “No Medical Tests Needed to Buy Medical Insurance Policy”, which attracts people to the no-test policy convenience compared to an insurance that needs different medical test reports. But is this really good to buy a policy with no knowledge of your health condition?

Anyone who buys insurance first should undergo medical tests and should be aware of their health condition. In this article, the reasons and importance of getting a medical insurance policy after appropriate medical tests.

There are various laws that are meant to protect you and you have your rights too. Ensure that you have all the required information pertaining the policies of the insurance. Apart from that, before you sign up a policy of any insurance company, make sure that the company and their services are reliable and honest.

In Los Angeles, medical insurance policy premiums are charged depending on the person’s health condition. You will need to declare your health condition in the application form of policy and the insurer will fix a premium rate based on your condition.

For a better understanding, let’s take discuss an example. If there are 2 persons and one has higher sugar level, while the other is with normal sugar level. If they both sign up for a medical insurance policy offered by a company in Los Angeles that doesn’t need medical tests, both are going to be charged the same premium. However, in reality, the premiums for persons who are normal must be less than premiums for individuals with health problems.

The insurance policies requiring no medical tests can be

Low cost policies: The ones that don’t consider medical tests offer the cover not over $5000 normally. But if you are in search of a higher cover, then you must go for pure protection plan which requires medical tests.

Prone to Rejection: Mostly, the individual going for a medical insurance without a health test might have no awareness of his health condition. They may suffer a disease and might not be aware about it till a health test is done. In such a scenario, an insurer will reject the claim because these plans include repressed facts of a person’s health condition without a proper underwriting. Therefore, these types of unintentional errors may just deprive from insurance covers even for people who have been making huge premiums.

The cover might be inadequate: In case of getting policies which require no health tests, then the policy you will get also has no suitable insurance cover. This is like being insured, but with no adequate protection.

An insurance company is actually responsible to determine the medical condition of a policy buyer. A medical insurance firm just cannot reject the claim because it is the firm’s responsibility to subject the insurance holder to health tests and then set the premium.

It is also ideally recommended to avoid taking the services of a firm which is not licensed. The credibility of the company also matters as this ensures that your medical requirements are taken care of.

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