When Does an Individual Need to Obtain Vital Records?

Vital records are needed when some individual moves to a different state and should exchange state driver licenses’. Providing a birth certificate, proof of address, and social security will have to be shown. These records can become lost through a move, fire, water damage, or any other event. Having a copy of these records is highly important. Keeping them safe as well, is just as important. Once the records are in an individual’s possession, place them in a safe area, or spot in the home. Personal records a vital for a reason, losing them could result in possible identity theft, or fraud if they end up in the wrong hands.

What Are the Requirements?

Different requirements should be met when it comes to obtaining personal records. With a birth certificate, a parent must be present for any person under the age of 18. However, if an individual passes that age, bring in the form of I.D. issued by the current state the individual is residing. The same form of action goes for obtaining a marriage certificate and a death certificate. Following the requirements can make this visit smooth and easy.

Replacing Lost Records

Having a copy of the original records is a great idea. Accidents happen which can cause a birth certificate to be replaced. Having a separate copy of each record, whether that’s birth or marriage is an excellent form of caution. The same goes for any children entering a new school system or a student wanting to apply for a college scholarship. These records will be mailed through the post and expect a period of three to five days to receive the new copy. The new copy is sent to the company where an accompanied armored vehicle will deliver the records. This is the safest route, and a call will be made to inform the individual when to pick up their recently purchased records.

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