Are You Required to Carry SR22 Insurance? An Affordable Option is Available

Have you recently had your driver’s licenses reinstated? Perhaps, you were responsible for an auto accident and did not have insurance coverage. Whatever the reason may be, SR22 insurance in Illinois will be required before you can legally operate a motorized vehicle on the road. This type of insurance is designed specifically for individuals that have committed a serious moving violation, found guilty of driving while under the influence, and people that have received numerous traffic tickets within a short period of time. The judge will order the offender to obtain this type of insurance and if they do not comply with the court order they can face serious repercussions.

Difference from Other Forms of Auto Insurance

SR22 insurance is a specific type of coverage that is created for individuals that are considered a high-risk driver. The insurance policy is created to protect other people on the road if they should end up in an accident with a person that requires an SR22 certification. The certification must be filed with the state’s department of motor vehicles to prove the driver is insured before the state will reinstate their driver’s license to them. The driver will be required to keep coverage on the auto for a maximum of 3 years. If the driver cancels the policy during that time, the insurance company must immediately notify the DMV.

Do Not Risk Your License

SR22 insurance comes with a higher premium rate since the driver is high-risk. At Accurate Auto Insurance, their skilled agents work with clients to find the right policy. They understand the laws pertaining to SR22 and the required amount of insurance the state mandates for the driver. They can provide a reasonably priced insurance to keep you covered and file the SR22 certification for you with the DMV.

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