What You Should Know About Your Tax Return and Possible Tax Refund

If you do not pay your taxes in a timely manner, you could be subject to both financial and criminal penalties. In some cases, you could spend multiple years in jail or prison depending on the circumstances in your case. However, seeking the help of those who provide tax services near Atlanta, GA, can help you fill out a return or learn more about an IRS notice.

Do Not Hesitate to File an Extension

Personal tax returns are due by April 15, but you can ask for another six months to submit your return without penalty. This can be ideal in situations when you are waiting for a form or need more time to determine if you are going to claim a deduction. It is important to note that you do not have another six months to pay an outstanding balance. Ideally, you will pay as much as possible to avoid paying interest.

You Are Still Responsible for Information on a Return

Working with a person or company that provides tax services near Atlanta, GA, can make it easier to submit your return in a timely manner. However, it does not absolve you of any mistakes that it could contain. This is true regardless of who filled out the return or sent it to the government. Therefore, it is always a good idea to review tax documents before sending them to the IRS.

What to Know About Getting a Refund

If you are entitled to a refund, it could take several weeks for the government to send you a check. Therefore, it may be best to ask that your refund be sent electronically to your checking account. You should be aware that receiving your refund does not mean that a return will not be audited. It simply means that the government has processed your return and proceeded based on the information that you gave it. 

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