What to Know About a Virtual Shareholder Meeting in Salt Lake City

Virtual Shareholder Meeting

A virtual shareholder meeting is a great way to coordinate with investors. This company’s platform provides the tools to handle chats, questions, and voting. Even though some companies worry about virtual meetings, the benefits are obvious. Since virtual meetings cost less, they are more efficient, accessible, and effective.

Substantial Cost Savings

Physical shareholder meetings require a ton of resources to operate. Plus, unexpected costs can always add more to the total. Hosting a meeting means you can save on travel, event, and refreshments.

Reduce Time Committments

Planning the travel for a physical meeting requires tons of time, making it stressful. Instead of going through such a time-consuming process, host your meeting online. Online meetings can be a great stress reducer, and they deliver value to shareholders.

Increased Participation

At an in-person meeting, not everyone can make attendance due to complications. Online meetings overcome these limitations and broaden access to more shareholders. Therefore, these meeting types lead to improvements in efficiency and participation.

Advance Preparation

Virtual meetings give people an opportunity to submit private comments. Furthermore, the company hosting the meeting can moderate each comment according to the rules.

Tech-Oriented Approach

If you are running a technologically oriented company, virtual meetings make sense. Investors and shareholders will recognize your technological commitment.

Here are some of the features you can expect from virtual meeting spaces:

  • Up to 500 Attendees per Room
  • Up to 50 Presenters
  • Share Screen
  • White Board
  • Tests & Surveys
  • Custom Agenda
  • Call-to-Action Features
  • Full HD
  • Post-Meeting Reports

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