Understanding Your Rights for Workers Comp Benefits in San Diego

by | May 3, 2013 | Insurance

A paycheck is expected for employees that work the required hours for their jobs. This earned money is used to pay for food, housing, clothing and other miscellaneous expenses. When an employee becomes hurt on the job they can no longer perform the duties to which they have been assigned. They may be temporarily or permanently disabled. These persons are also eligibile for filing a claim for Workers Comp San Diego benefits.

The rules for the state of California indicate that the worker does not need to be physically on the employer’s premises to file a claim. As long as they were completing a taks as a regular part of the job they can file a claim should they ever become hurt. This is the most misunderstood meaning of workers compensation San Diego. They feel that they can only request income if they got hurt on site. This is untrue. However, there is a deadline to file your injury. Every person has 30 days to notify the employer and complete a written claim.

When a person gets injured they will be examined by the doctor that is assigned to them. The physician will determine the extent of the injuries. A blood test will also be drawn and evaluated to make sure that drugs or alcohol were not a reason for the injury. A final decision will be made. If you were denied workers’ compensation you can always appeal the decision. This gives you another chance to argue your case.

Many work place injuries happen because workers made not have been trained properly. The state of California requests employers to provide training and education to new workers and existing workers to help eliminate accidents. They are required to own insurance protection in the event of an injury on the job. This can only be procured from a licensed insurer authorized by the state. Major cause of injuries will be reported to the Department of Industrial Relations. If you need to speak with a live person you can to answer all your questions or you can attend a local area office that is assigned to your residence.

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