Important Information You Need to Know about SR22 Insurance in Illinois

If you just found out that you need SR22 insurance, you probably have a lot of questions. What is SR22 insurance? Why would you need it? Even if you don’t know what SR22 is, you have probably heard that it’s expensive and you may be wondering if there are cheaper options. Continue reading to learn more about SR22 insurance in Illinois.

What is SR22?

SR22 is not actually a type of insurance. Rather, it is a document that is filed with your state to prove that you have car insurance that meets the minimum coverage required by law. It ensures that high-risk drivers are held financially responsible for any damages they cause.

Why Would SR22 be Required?

A judge may order you to carry SR22 if you have a DUI or other serious moving violation or if you receive many traffic tickets in a short period of time. If you were involved in an accident that was your fault while you were driving without insurance, you may also be required to have SR22. If your license has been suspended or revoked, you may have to file SR22 before you can get your license back.

Does SR22 Expire?

If you are required to carry SR22, it is typically for a specified amount of time. During that time, you must have continuous coverage and not allow your insurance to lapse or be canceled. Once the period expires you can return to more affordable coverage.

Why is SR22 Expensive?

SR22 has a filing fee that can vary by state. However, once you are ordered to have SR22, your insurance company considers you a high risk. Your insurance cost will likely increase because you are more of a liability to the insurance company.

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