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How to Find Online CPE Tax Courses

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Financial Accounting

Everyone that works must do taxes and most people can’t do their own because of all the rules and red-tape they run into. Therefore, they hire a tax preparer or an accountant to help them. This is great if you are a CPA or accountant, but there are certain requirements that you must have. Most states do require that an accountant has CPE courses, and if they prepare taxes, at least one of those courses must be in regards to tax. Therefore, it is important to find providers that will offer tax courses for your continuing education.

Find the Right Course

Most states do not require that all CPE be taken in one specific area. For example, tax preparers will need to have at least one tax course with their CPE but can also take accounting or managerial courses, if those apply to them. Many providers online offer CPE, but may not offer specialization areas, such as taxes or others. Therefore, you will need to search around to find the right provider that offers the best program for you.

Once you find a provider that will take care of your tax CPE, you can also use them for the rest of your continuing professional education requirements, so you don’t have to go to multiple websites or attend seminars and conferences to make up the rest of your credits.

Why Online

Many CPAs don’t usually consider online programs when considering their CPE. They may think that these courses don’t give a decent amount of credit upon completion or wonder if their state will allow it. Every state allows you to earn your CPE online, though some states have special rules for online options. Therefore, you are free to choose the way you want to learn.

Online study is a great choice for many, especially those that work well with time management and understand will power. It can be difficult to study online, because there is no one standing over you telling you what to do and it is very easy to procrastinate. However, for those that can handle the added pressure, it is so easy to go online when you have some time and study without having to travel or worry about timing.

There are many benefits to online CPE, so it is definitely something to consider the next time your continuing professional education requirements come around.

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