FAQs That Can Be Answered By Vehicle Insurance Companies

In Ohio, automobile owners are subject to the state’s requirement to have liability coverage. This is the minimum coverage level drivers can purchase to comply with insurance laws. To acquire the right coverage level for their vehicle, they must contact their preferred insurance provider. The following are FAQs that can be answered by Vehicle Insurance Companies.

What are the Insurance Requirements for Ohio?

The current requirements for auto liability coverage start with a minimum of $25,000 for each injury or fatality. The maximum for this policy must be $50,000. The policy must also provide a minimum of $25,000 for any property damage that occurs as a result of an accident. The state is considered a fault state and doesn’t require auto owners to acquire personal injury protection.

How Can Auto-Owners Acquire Discounts?

The auto owner can acquire discounts for having a clean driving record. If they have teen drivers, they can acquire discounts based on their driving record as well as their academic achievements. If the auto owner adds several automobiles to the same policy, they can acquire further discounts.

What Happens if the Owner Doesn’t Have Auto Insurance?

If the owner doesn’t have auto insurance, the county can require them to acquire SR-22 certifications. They can revoke the driver’s license and require extensive reinstatement fees. They can also suspend the license plate and registration of the vehicle. The county can also issue fines for any failure to comply with insurance laws.

What Happens if They are At-Fault in an Accident?

Any driver who doesn’t have insurance will face the full expense of the victim’s medical requirements and auto repair costs. If they have insurance, they are required to file a claim through their insurer if they are at fault. If they fail to comply with local accident laws, they can become the defendant in a lawsuit.

In Ohio, automobile owners must comply with all auto insurance laws. Any failure to comply can lead to serious penalties. The owner must present proof of coverage if they are stopped by an officer and when they register the vehicle. Auto owners who need to acquire a free quote from local Vehicle Insurance Companies can visit schlatherinsurance.com for more information today.

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