Creating an Online Checkout System for Your Website

by | Aug 12, 2013 | Economics And Finance

If you have an online business, you?ll need to create an online checkout system for your customers to use. This allows customers to pay for their selected items or services conveniently and safely. This shopping cart is probably the most important part of your website because if you can convince customers to buy the products, but they are unable to pay for them, your efforts will have been wasted. If you are looking to create a checkout system for your online business, here are some things to consider and some common issues to avoid.

Creating an online checkout system is not enough. You need to integrate it with a payment gateway or third-party processing service. When choosing a gateway, you need to consider whether the service is compatible with your shopping cart. You should also find out what services and features are available and whether or not they will fit your needs. Cost is also an important factor. Also, when you choose a payment gateway, you need to set up a merchant account as well. When you choose a third-party processing service, the merchant account is included. It also incorporates all the other elements you need to set up your checkout. However, cost and availability of features are a few concerns.

Common Issues with Online Checkout Systems
Make the checkout process as easy as possible. Functionality issues will drive away customers. Don?t expect a customer to register. This act forces 23% of potential customers to exit the checkout. Unexpected shipping costs can also cause a customer to leave a site. If you charge for shipping, be sure to clearly state the estimated cost early on in the process. Site speed is also a huge factor. Make sure the site loads quickly. Try to find other ways to simplify the process so that customers can check out quickly and easily.

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